Subject: RE: Install problems with AIC-7899
To: 'Nathan J. Williams' <>
From: Reto Schulthess <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/23/2002 10:01:34
> > I did get dmesg to work for NetBSD-1.6 boot disks following
> is the output:
> > pchb5 at pci0 dev 16 function 2
> > pchb5: vendor 0x1166 product 0x0101 (rev. 0x03)
> > pci5 at pchb5 bus 4
> > pci5: memory space enabled
> > ppb0 at pci5 dev 8 function 0: vendor 0x8086 product 0x0309
> (rev. 0x01)
> > pci6 at ppb0 bus 5
> > pci6: memory space enabled
> These two things are the problem; in particular, that they say "memory
> space enabled", not "i/o space, memory space enabled". The ahc cards
> want PCI IO enabled, and the tree of PCI devices leading to them don't
> have PCI IO enabled. The BIOS is being a little bit lazy about
> it... you might hunt around in the BIOS for any options to fiddle,
> with "plug and play OS" being one to turn OFF if it's there.
> That said, we do have a workaround for this in NetBSD; it just doesn't
> know about this *specific* model of ServerWorks chipset. I'll see
> about fixing that. Would you be able to test a new kernel or a new
> boot floppy if I put one together?
> As for the Ethernet interfaces, they're there:
> vendor 0x14e4 product 0x1645 (ethernet network, revision
> 0x15) at pci4 dev 6
> function 0 not configured
> vendor 0x14e4 product 0x1645 (ethernet network, revision
> 0x15) at pci4 dev 8
> function 0 not configured
> .. but, as you can see, not configured. They are supported by the bge
> driver (the same as FreeBSD's, in fact), but that driver didn't make
> it in to 1.6. You'd have to run -current to get that, unfortunately.
>         - Nathan
We worked on rebuilding a kernel and sucessfully got an install kernel to
recognize the hard drives.  The Ethernet cards were also recognized, but
they are not functioning correctly.  If I try to ftp to another
NetBSD-current machine, the ftp works fine.  Any other ftp session
(including gives me the following error:

bge0  block failed to stop:
	reg 0x2400 bit 0x000..02
	reg 0x3c00 bit 0x000..02
	reg 0x4c00 bit 0x000..02

I was able to get the CVS update to run last night, but any regular ftp
session errors out with the above message.  Any help would be greatly