Subject: Re: Any known probs with MP i386 and > 1GB mem?
To: Murray Armfield <>
From: Jaromir Dolecek <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/11/2002 13:03:15
It's not good to run different CPUs on same system. IIRC even Intel
says MP is not supported when CPUs have different brand (i.e. you
can't mix PII and PIII); same may apply for speed. Any chance to try
with two identical CPUs to rule this out?


Murray Armfield wrote:
> Hi,
> 	Does anyone know if there are any issues with using more than one GB of 
> memory on an i386 MP system running current (yesterday)? Runs fine with 1GB. 
> If I add 512MB things are very bad.
> 	Also, I have two processors running at different speeds. The slower one is in 
> the primary cpu slot (from when I was using it uniproc), and the faster one 
> is in the secondary slot. NetBSD boots up and has swapped the cpu numbering 
> and seems to be running off the secondary CPU. Is this OK? Seems fine in use.
> Regards,
> 	Murray Armfield

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