Subject: Re: Promise Ultra133 TX2 backpatch
To: Current-users <>
From: John <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/03/2002 15:17:51
On Thu, 3 Oct 2002, Manuel Bouyer wrote:

> If you don't like the rc3, just run the 1.6 release :)

Well, I know it sounds silly, but I didn't know 1.6 has been released!
I'm very pleased!

I think I'll go ahead and run the 1.6 release! :)

I've reviewed the 1.5->1.6 changes and am impressed -- eg, I'd written my
own program to display information from the stat() call, and I see 1.6
includes a (prawlly better) user program to do this. Also I see the
ability to disable swap on shutdown, which had been an issue for me b/c
I'm using swap on raid.

> > Should I be aware of any other files that I must also update?
> > Eg, I discovered pcidevs and its makefile.
> You may also need to update pciide_pdc202xx_reg.h

This is exactly the type of thing I had been asking about.
While the source is very clean and well structured, I've had a heckuva
time figuring it all out.

Thanks very much for the simple information about 1.6 being released --
that has saved me a large effort.

- John

"Junior programmers create simple solutions to simple problems
 Senior programmers create complex solutions to complex problems
 Great programmers create simple solutions to complex problems."
        - Unknown