Subject: Promise Ultra133 TX2 backpatch
To: Current-users <>
From: John <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/03/2002 02:18:46
Just writing to get an opinion.

I've got a pdc 20269 and am running 1.5.3 on an i386.

I'm thinking about taking sys/dev/pci/pciide.c and making a patch from
1.153.25 (the netbsd-1-6-rc3 version) to (the netbsd 1.5.3
version) so I can have the card supported on my system while still running
an otherwise stable system.

Any advice, warnings, etc?
Is there a better approach to get my card working on a 1.5.3 kernel?
(Run 1.6rc3 is what your thinking, isn't it!)

Should I be aware of any other files that I must also update?
Eg, I discovered pcidevs and its makefile.

I'm not extremely familiar with netbsd practices, and that's why I'm
writing. (The comments "Pull up revision xxx" make it look so simple!)
This effort will be somewhat large for me, so some simple comments may
save me a lot of effort. Thanks muchly in advance!

- John

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