Subject: Re: tag for 1.6 branch
To: Martin Weber <>
From: Rick Kelly <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/02/2002 18:26:07
Martin Weber said:

>> For my 1.5 machines I do:
>> cd /usr
>> cvs login
>> cvs update -d -P -rnetbsd-1-5 src

>This should work fine with current's cvs, too.
>In fact I just tested it, that's why I'm saying this :)

>Dunno then why it's failing for you, check again, typo madness ?

It's a wierdness that I've seen before. Still didn't work this
morning. NetBSD/sparc 1.6. I dropped in a copy of vanilla cvs 1.10
and it immediately worked fine. I've seen this happen at rare intervals
with both netbsd-1-5 and -current systems.

This now works fine:

cvs update -d -P -rnetbsd-1-6 src

Rick Kelly