Subject: Large drives and reasonable newfs options
To: None <>
From: Petter Lindquist <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/02/2002 19:53:30
I just got two 120g (114 actually) maxtor drives.. Now I want to play
newfs on them with reasonable flags to get the most out of them.
One drive will mostly contain ~3M files, and the other one ~500M files.
Then I don't want zillions of inodes wasting capacity and speed.

newfs -g500m -i1m -b16k -f2k /dev/wd2e

gives me a flying system with almost no meta data waste.


It gives me kernel panics. I've played around quite a lot with newfs, and
now I ask you gods for help. Please give me some reasonable options for

/P=E5llen -