Subject: Re: OpenOffice package broken with i386 -current ?
To: David Laight <>
From: David Brownlee <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/01/2002 17:27:10
On Tue, 1 Oct 2002, David Laight wrote:

> On Thu, Sep 26, 2002 at 12:55:58PM +0200, Jaromir Dolecek wrote:
> > do you set MALLOC_OPTIONS or /etc/malloc.conf on your system?
> > The build doesn't work with malloc options J.
> That ought to be indicative of a bug somewhere...
> Probably assuming that malloc() is returning zero filled memory
> (quite likely while the programs memory footprint is increasing).

	My guess is it is double free()ing things. Also fun.

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