Subject: Re: panic for umass0/scsibus/sd
To: Wolfgang Rupprecht <>
From: Jeff McMahill <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/30/2002 13:17:41
> I just got another panic when I tried to plug a Nikon 995 (usb, umass,
> scsibus, sd) into a current i386 kernel.  Of note is that the machine
> doesn't normally have any scsi's of any sort in it.  When I plugged
> the camera into the usb I got the first lines of the kprintf where the
> umass is identified.  The next scsibus0 and sd0 lines never occurred.

Does that happen all the time?  Once in a while, I will see a similar
problem with my Sony DSC-F707.  Most of the time it works perfectly
but maybe 5% of the time, it only prints up to the umass lines, and
find scsibus1 or sd1.  With 1.6, it doesn't hang or panic, but the only
way to get it to work after that is to reboot.  With 1.5ZA (?), it would
hang solidly.

My guess is that there is some kind of race condition in the USB driver,
and in my case, I win most of the time...