Subject: HEADS UP: fully dynamic linked system now the default
To: None <>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/23/2002 01:25:59
As mentioned a few weeks ago, we've switched to a fully dynamically
linked system by default.

The net outcome:

    +	/bin and /sbin are dynamically linked, along with the small
	number of programs in /usr/* that were still statically

    +	The shared libraries that are required by /bin and /sbin
	are installed in /lib, with symlinks from /usr/lib for
	compatibility purposes.

    +	The dynamic linker is installed in /libexec, with a symlinks
	from /usr/libexec for compatibility purposes.

    +	Less disk space used on `/'.  On the i386, the savings are
	in the order of 11.5 MB (4.5 MB versus 16 MB).  If the space
	consumed by /rescue is counted only in the "new" system,
	there's still a 9 MB saving.

    +	Specific rescue tools are provided in /rescue, rather than
	overloading /bin and /sbin for that purpose.

    +	The kernel's "-a" bootloader option now also prompts for the
	path to init(8), so "/rescue/init" can be used if /sbin/init
	won't start due to an unexpected failure.

    +	Whilst dynamic linked programs start up slower that statically
	linked programs, there is active work in progress to resolve
	this issue.

If you don't want this behaviour, set MKDYNAMICROOT=no in mk.conf(5).