Subject: problem with mylex raid card...
To: None <>
From: Dan <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/18/2002 20:14:11
here is a picture of the crash:

I installed 1.6 and at the end of the installation I had a crash just like that
but thought it might have been a one time thing so I reinstalled and I got all
the way through the installation.  I logged into the machine, downloaded
pkgsrc.tar.gz from and was in the process of untarring it when I got
the error in the picture.  I've got a mylex card running 2 mirrored 9 gig
drives.  It bears mentioning that I had 1.5.3 (or 1.5.2, I forget now) running
on the machine successfully for quite a few months.  Thanks and let me know if
you need any more info.


P.S. The machine is still sitting there so if you need me to do some work in the
debugger let me know.