Subject: Re: Missing files: pack_dev.c/h
To: None <>
From: Peter. Bex <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/14/2002 16:26:04
Quoting Andrew Brown <>:
> if you look in the makefile for mtree, you should see something like
> this:
> CPPFLAGS+=      -I${.CURDIR}/../../bin/ls -I${.CURDIR}/../../sbin/mknod
> .PATH:  ${.CURDIR}/../../bin/ls ${.CURDIR}/../../sbin/mknod
> which causes pulls pack_dev.c and pack_dev.h to get pulled in from the
> mknod directory.  perhaps you didn't unpack everything?

I have looked into the Makefile, and I've unpacked everything. Perhaps the 
ftp's tar gz files are not complete, but the files are on CVS?

Peter Bex

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