Subject: Re: HEADS UP: Merge the gehenna-devsw branch.
To: None <>
From: MAEKAWA Masahide <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/07/2002 02:17:48
TAMURA Kent <> wrote:
>But it caused build failures.
>  defined(_KERNEL) is needed because this files is used outside the kernel.

Not necessary.

ipl_cdevsw in sys/netinet/ip_fil.c and ipldevsw in sys/lkm/netinet/mln_ipl.c
is same. But this is a Bad Thing because the same device switches are defined
in different sources.

After the merge, every lkm modules should not define device switch in the
module sources. They should refer the device switch in the kernel tree.

If someone change the structure of device switch, we must change the device
switch in the kernel tree and rebuild the module. But we must not modify the
module sources.

>  I'm not sure how to fix it

fixed. Thanks.

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