Subject: HEADS UP: Merge the gehenna-devsw branch.
To: None <>
From: MAEKAWA Masahide <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/06/2002 22:45:13
I have merged the gehenna-devsw branch into the trunk.

This merge makes you recompile config(8).
Yes. ``MUST RECOMPILE config(8)''. Please don't forget this.

This changes is VERY large, so any mirror sites will be busy for a moment.
(Even so, please don't blame me. :)

Thanks in advance and enjoy the NetBSD!

The commit log:
Merge the gehenna-devsw branch into the main trunk.

This merge changes the device switch tables from static array to
dynamically generated by config(8).

- All device switches is defined as a constant structure in device drivers.

- The new grammer ``device-major'' is introduced to ``files''.

	device-major <prefix> char <num> [block <num>] [<rules>]

- All device major numbers must be listed up in port dependent majors.<arch>
  by using this grammer.

- Added the new naming convention.
  The name of the device switch must be <prefix>_[bc]devsw for auto-generation
  of device switch tables.

- The backward compatibility of loading block/character device
  switch by LKM framework is broken. This is necessary to convert
  from block/character device major to device name in runtime and vice versa.

- The restriction to assign device major by LKM is completely removed.
  We don't need to reserve LKM entries for dynamic loading of device switch.

- In compile time, device major numbers list is packed into the kernel and
  the LKM framework will refer it to assign device major number dynamically.

Other resources:

The short description:

The proposal and detail description is available at:

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