Subject: HEADS UP: XFree86 4.2.1 imported
To: None <>
From: Matthias Scheler <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/05/2002 01:11:46

I've imported XFree86 4.2.1 into NetBSD's X11 sources today. Here is a list
of the changes:

XFree86 4.2.1 (03 September 2002)
 715. [SECURITY] Fix an Xlib problem that made it possible to load arbitrary
      code into privileged clients.
 714. Fix i810_free_page() and i830_free_page() for DRI kernel modules so
      that later 2.4.x kernels are supported.

XFree86 (21 August 2002)
 713. Fix intermittent XDarwin crash when changing cursors on dual processor
      machines (Torrey T. Lyons).
 712. Fix Finder warnings about XDarwin plist format on Jaguar
      (Torrey T. Lyons).
 711. Fix XDarwin build issues on Jaguar (Sean Fagan).
 710. When using the vesa driver and the DisplaySize option the server
      would crash with a floating point exception due to a divide by zero
      in miscreeninit() (#5298, Mike A. Harris).
 709. Updated patch from head to fix problem described in #5244
      (freed memory being deref'd in xaw) (
 708. The function MoveLine in lib/Xaw/TextAction.c sometimes attempts to
      read uninitialized memory when hit ctrl-N in a Text widget to move to
      the next line (#5245, Johnathan Kamens).
 707. Close XDarwin rootless windows properly for Jaguar compatibility
      (Greg Parker).
 706. Build libXt as a flat namespace image on Darwin (Torrey T. Lyons).
 705. Install the bitmap file xc/programs/bitmap/Stipple as Stippler on file
      systems that are not case sensitive (Torrey T. Lyons).
 704. Build with libcurses on Darwin for forward compatibility
      (Jordan Hubbard).
 703. [SECURITY] MIT-SHM update: try to avoid using SHM segments that the
      client user doesn't have sufficient privileges to access
      (Roberto Zunino, Matthieu Herrb).
 702. Fix a problem related to reserving the overlay key in the default
      colormap in 24+8 mode.  This caused some clients using the 8-bit
      visuals to fail (David Dawes).
 701. [SECURITY] Zlib error handling fix (Mark Adler).
 700. Put back XDarwin's byte-ordering fix for reading keymappings on
      Darwin x86 that was inadvertently dropped (Rob Braun).
 699. Fix for `hostname` issue on Linux (Marc La France).
 698. Fix startx script for ksh (Philip B. Bruce).
 697. Fix Emulate3Buttons for wsmouse protocol on NetBSD and OpenBSD
      (Matthieu Herrb).
 696. Temporary workaround for IA-64 (Marc La France).
 695. Fix SIGSEGV when printing modes that have no flags (Marc La France).
 694. Fix an unresolved symbol in that shows up when building it
      with gcc-3 (David Dawes).
 693. Fix incorrect symbol prefixing with Xlib's i18n modules on Solaris,
      and fix invalid code caused by a memcpy() macro being split by a
      directive (Keith Packard, David Dawes, #5150, Sami Farin).
 692. Don't try to print mode names when NULL (David Dawes).
 691. Revert the ATI driver's composite sync default to off (Marc La France).

XFree86 4.2.0 (18 January 2002)
 690. Workaround for hardware bug that prevents older ATI 3D Rage adapters from
      being assigned to XF86Config device sections (Marc La France).

XFree86 (17 January 2002)
 689. Fix bug introduced in snapshot causing XDarwin's PseudoramiX
      extension to always be disabled (Torrey T. Lyons).
 688. Disable the pipe check for stdout/stderr that was added in the previous
      snapshot because it looks like it might cause too many problems
      (David Dawes).
 687. Update the Arabic (ar) XKB keyboard map (#5145, Arabeyes team).
 686. Update the Russian (ru) XKB keyboard map, adding two new variants
      ("typewriter" and "phonetic") (#5143, Ivan Pascal).
 685. Remove the lt_a and lt_p XKB keyboard maps (#5139, Nerijus Baliunas).
 684. Disable the DRI and print a warning message for Radeon 8500 cards
      until they are supported (Kevin Martin).
 683. Properly detect when no BIOS is present on Radeon cards (#4978,
      Charles Hannum, Kevin Martin).
 682. Delay before restoring VGA registers for Radeons to "fix" VT switch
      problems (Kevin Martin).
 681. Add new PCI IDs from ATI (Kevin Martin).
 680. Update the script to create version compatibility links for
      shared freetype libraries when needed (David Dawes).
 679. Update Freetype2 shared library versions to match the versions libtool
      generates (Keith Packard).
 678. Doc updates (lots of people, includes #5142, 5144)

I would like to get feedback about this version so we can decide if we
ship 4.2.0 or 4.2.1 with NetBSD 1.6 for the i386 port.

The NetBSD-i386 X11 sets on "" are still XFree86 4.2.0 based.

	Kind regards

Matthias Scheler