Subject: Re: HEADS UP (Re: 1.5.x openssl problems)
To: Urban Boquist <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/03/2002 07:31:51
>>> I think I found the cause of this. I did a "make build" on the
>>> latest netbsd-1-5 branch and noticed that the libdes* symlinks were
>>> installed in the root directory (/), instead of in /usr/lib:
>>> The problem seems to be in src/lib/libcrypto/Makefile, it uses a
>>> variable ${_LIBSODIR} which is empty. Setting it to ${LIBDIR} seems
>>> to fix the problem.
>itojun> 	_LIBSODIR is set in, at least in 1.6 tree.
>Yes, but not in 1.5.x. It seems that LIBDIR is the one to use there.

	i see.  since only releng-1-5 are permitted to commit to netbsd-1-5
	branch, i can't commit the fix it myself.