Subject: NetBSD, solaris, acls, and nfs
To: current-users <>
From: Sean Finney <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/30/2002 13:14:05
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hi all--

i'm looking into setting up a file server for what right now is a
primarily solaris and linux computer lab.  we purchased a disk
array and an smp x86 server, and had it up and running (debian)
before somebody realized that we had forgotten about the issue of
acl's, or more importantly the lack thereof in ext2 and the linux
kernel in general.  also, from what i've read, linux doesn't support
certain needed rpc's needed for acl stuff over nfs... so stuff works,
except that certain users (profs) have all kinds of scripts set up
to use facls, and they're all going to be a little cranky if that
stops working.

anyway we're currently looking into linux fixes/patches for this,
or possibly just forgetting about the smp box and plugging the array
into an extra solaris box, but in the meantime, i'm also looking into
other alternatives, and being a NetBSD user as well, i'm wondering:

- does NetBSD have stable support for a filesystem with acl's?
- can NetBSD do the acl rpc's for nfs?
- how well does this get along with other os's such as solaris and linux?
- what's the status of x86 SMP (cc'ing port-i386, sorry for the dups)?

i took a glancing pass through some docs and faqs, but it's possible
of course that i just missed the pages that have answers to some or all
of these questions.  if you'd rather just point me in the right direction,
i can read up on that instead.

thanks for any help

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