Subject: COPYRIGHT document
To: None <>
From: Erik Anggard <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/27/2002 16:27:22

(This might not be the correct mailing list for this question, if so 
please suggest another list and I'll repost my question on that list).

We are currently preparing the documentation for one our products that 
uses the NetBSD-kernel and some of the standard libraries. To see what 
copyright notices that should be included in the documentation I 
searched the netbsd mailing list archives to see if I could get some 
pointers on how to do this. I found the following mail by Jason R. Thorpe:

This mail contains the following paragraph:

  The NetBSD Project intends, before the next release, to have a COPYRIGHT
  docuemnt that has the necessary information in it.  Up until now, vendors
  have _always_ had to scour the entire source tree to make sure they're
  adhering to all of the licenses.  Such a document will make it easier
  for them.

Has this COPYRIGHT document been written yet? If so where can I find it? 
I've searched the and the netbsd cvs a bit but could not 
find it.

If it has not been written yet I'd be very thankful for any information 
on how other people have done this.