Subject: Re: HEADS UP: migration to fully dynamic linked "base" system
To: Johnny Billquist <>
From: Bill Studenmund <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/26/2002 10:11:32
On Mon, 26 Aug 2002, Johnny Billquist wrote:

> On Mon, 26 Aug 2002, Luke Mewburn wrote:
> > A `heads up'.
> >
> > I will be switching NetBSD-current to have dynamically linked programs
> > in /bin and /sbin in the next day or so.
> >
> > This will be achieved by changing the default definitions of SHLIBDIR,
> > and SHLINKDIR in <>, and removing "LDSTATIC?=-static" in
> > various Makefiles.
> YECH! Is there a way for others to not make this stupid move?
> Can I set those values back in /etc/mk.conf?

Please read the thread on tech-userlevel. There are a lot of good reasons
for doing this, all of which involve now being able to dlopen() libraries.

Take care,