Subject: Re: /bin/sh returns Out of file descriptors
To: Arto Selonen <>
From: GuRU <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/23/2002 00:26:27
Out of da blue Arto Selonen aka ( said:
> Hi!
Hey there :)

> On Wed, 21 Aug 2002, GuRU wrote:
> > Hello all :).
> > I've been seeing the following on my NetBSD 1.6F i386 box whenever I try to
> > run a rc.d script from the command line:
> I think I noticed the same thing a couple of weeks back. In my case it
> was a bad copy of one of the /etc files (if I remember correctly, I
> miscopied something to /etc when in fact it was to /etc/defaults;
> could have been rc.conf or some such). It was very weird, and the symptoms
> were definately misleading, and not to be expected from such a
> misplacement. (It could as well have been one of the /etc/rc.d scripts,
> I really don't remember anymore).
> Since I just fixed that and went on to other things, I never documented it
> properly. If you find that it is something similar to my problems,
> then it might be a good idea to pass on the word, and get it fixed.
> Not sure if this helps, but it sure sounded similar to what I experienced,
> and I'd never have figured it out if it wasn't in the middle of /etc
> update anyway.
Well I spent some time this morning looking into the problem and lo and
behold!  I had spammed /etc/rc.conf, overwriting it with another local script
:(.  So I'll CC the list in case someone else mistypes and copies over one of
their rc.conf :).  Also thanks to Jeremy C. Reed who help me on my way.

Take care Artsi :).

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