Subject: Access Point mode for Prism 2/2.5/3 chipsets
To: None <>
From: Jason R Thorpe <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/12/2002 10:36:06

Over the weekend I checked in the "Host-AP" code for the wi(4) that also
appears in FreeBSD and OpenBSD.  This allows you to use a Prism 2/2.5/3-based
card as an 802.11 Access Point.  While there, I also fixed IBSS creation
on the Prism2, and added some media options for IBSS creation and Host-AP
mode (from OpenBSD).

It all seems to work pretty well, with the notable exception that I have
yet to get WEP to work in Host-AP mode.  (It works fine in IBSS mode, after
checking in a Lucent <-> Prism2 WEP interop bug fix from OpenBSD.)  In
Host-AP mode, the Prism2 cannot do the Tx side of WEP in firmware, so the
host must do it.  Unfortunately, the host is not doing it correctly :-)  If
someone would like to try and debug that, that would be really terrific :-)
(Unfortunately, I am way too busy with other stuff to do so myself, right

Eventually, it would be nice to share more code with if_ieee80211subr.c,
but that code assumes that all of the 802.11 protocol processing will be
done by the host, which is not the case with wi(4) boards.

Anyway, share and enjoy :-)

        -- Jason R. Thorpe <>