Subject: sbdrop() panics recently?
To: None <>
From: Urban Boquist <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/12/2002 15:12:15
Is anyone else seing things like this on recent i386 -current?

panic: sbdrop
Begin traceback...
sbdrop(cf6eddb0,100,cf6edd60,c048f650) at sbdrop+0x49
sbflush(cf6eddb0,cf6edd90,cf6edda0,c01fffdd) at sbflush+0x26
sbrelease(cf6eddb0,c0000000,cf6edda0,c023089a) at sbrelease+0x12
sorflush(c0a81a10,0,0,0) at sorflush+0x13a
sofree(c0a81a10,0,c0460660,c021a666) at sofree+0x6a
soclose(c0a81a10,0,3d57a0cf,937e4) at soclose+0x1f9
soo_close(cf704d00,cf3f4744,cf6eded0,c083df00) at soo_close+0x25
closef(cf704d00,cf3f4744,7800,0) at closef+0x1a0
fdrelease(cf3f4744,9,1,cf6edf6c) at fdrelease+0x87
sys_close(cf3f4744,cf6edf74,cf6edf6c,c01f2d20) at sys_close+0x54
syscall_plain(1f,1f,bfbf001f,ffff001f,1) at syscall_plain+0xd5
End traceback...

I seem to get these quite regularly nowadays (a couple of days
inbetween the panics). It seems to have started with a kernel I built
2002-07-24. The kernel I used before that, dated 2002-06-15, works
just fine.


        -- Urban