Subject: Advice on PPPOE
To: None <>
From: Olev Hannula <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/11/2002 03:01:08
I just tried my IPC with 1.5.3 & rp-pppoe package and 1.6 beta with
builtin pppoe, and I am surprised. 1.5.3 can get the maximum like 40
KB/s transfer thru and then all processes are full and it wont go
faster. 1.6 goes 55.9 KB/s (i have 512 kbit pppoe adsl) and still has
80% idle. So if you must use pppoe use 1.6 and builtin pppoe, not 1.5.3
and rp-pppoe. At first i thought that my IPC is just too slow, but after
trying 1.6, my IPC is my new server :) Now if someone could make that
ESP100 SCSI controller work with tagged queuing (i use an old hd wich
does not support tagged queing, newer hd's are unstable with IPC and
1.6). And yes, there are some stabilty issues with 1.6 and IPC (sw
caches bug). But it still is worth using, because the pppoe part is MUCH
faster than 1.5.3.