Subject: Re: Problems with 1.6_Beta5 install on i386 / Thinkpad 770
To: Mike Cheponis <mac@Wireless.Com>
From: Rasputin <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/08/2002 11:34:48
* Mike Cheponis <mac@Wireless.Com> [020808 11:21]:
> On Thu, 8 Aug 2002, Luke Mewburn wrote:
> > How much RAM does your system have?
> 228 MB

> Is swap space really needed these days, except perhaps for a crash coredump?
> I'd prefer NO swap space if possible.

Just set 
in rc.conf

I do it on my MobilePro since it only has a 128Mb CF card as a disk,
and I don't want to wear it out too quickly (limited writes).

Not ideal, and it will lock up if it runs out of RAM (only 32Mb),
but suits my needs.

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