Subject: Re: Problems with 1.6_Beta5 install on i386 / Thinkpad 770
To: Mike Cheponis <mac@Wireless.Com>
From: Luke Mewburn <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/08/2002 17:19:55
On Thu, Aug 08, 2002 at 12:14:47AM -0700, Mike Cheponis wrote:
  | On Wed, 7 Aug 2002, Jeremy C. Reed wrote:
  | > >    memory, and an additional 60 MB for X; clearly, my 1.3 GB disk should be
  | > >    plenty big.
  | >
  | > Yes. You can fit it all in less than 200MB.
  | It's not clear to me why sysinst seems to think 950 MB or so are required
  | for the standard install, and why 1.2GB or more is required for std+X -- but
  | that's what sysinst reports.  I'm using bootlap1.fs and bootlap2.fs

How much RAM does your system have?

At the moment, sysinst calculates a "default swap partition size"
based on the amount of RAM in the system.

There's been discussions to do one of the following (in increasing
order of effort in changing sysinst):
	+ leave as is
	+ leave as is, except clamp the max swap size to 64MB (for example)
	+ don't bother adding swap size
	+ allow user to specify size of swap, even in "non custom" configs,
	  defaulting to RAM size. (this would require extra menus in