Subject: Problems with 1.6_Beta5 install on i386 / Thinkpad 770
To: None <>
From: Mike Cheponis <mac@Wireless.Com>
List: current-users
Date: 08/07/2002 11:37:28
Hi, I'm trying to install 1.6_Beta5 on a Thinkpad 770 with 228 MB of memory
and a Toshiba 1,356,300,288 byte drive.  Problems:

1) Ominously, during boot, one message says:

      sh: can't open ./MKDEV.local

   Is this a concern?

2) Also, during boot:

    Warning: no /dev/console

   Is this a problem?

3) When sysinst asks me for standard/standard+X/Custom/use existing  the
   numbers suggested seem outrageous, something like 950MB required for
   standard, and around 1,250 MB for standard+X (!!!).  In fact, when I
   choose "standard+X" sysinst complains that my disk is too small.

   Yet, the install document says that 70M + N MB is required, N is amt of
   memory, and an additional 60 MB for X; clearly, my 1.3 GB disk should be
   plenty big.

4) So I choose "standard" and use all the defaults.  (Which seem strange to
   me, especially the 500 MB / partition).  Disk name is mydisk, and I
   install all the stuff (and it gives me X even though I previously
   said only "standard" to the disklabel question).

   Then, when I try to reboot, apparently the bootloader didn't properly
   write the bootblocks (I told sysinst that this disk was dedicated for
   NetBSD), so the Thinkpad 770 asks for me to shove in a floppy to boot. (!)

What am I doing wrong?

Thanks -Mike