Subject: How to update?
To: None <>
From: Alexander Grigo <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/07/2002 11:28:38
Sorry for asking a question that is probably discussed in some FAQ
or HOWTO but I didn't find some hints yet....

Currently I'm running NetBSD-current on an i386 and want to update
several pieces, inparticular gdb, sshd, ssl...

Following the security advisories (sshd...) I just have to update
the source, go to that particular directory and start
make && make install (it is described more precisely in these postings).

But somewhere (I don't remember) a saw a posting on the mailing list
that suggested to use -t to generate the host tools in before.

So my question is simply, what is the *correct* way to update pieces
of the system from source on an architecture with (new??) toolchain

Thanks in advance