Subject: Re: Migration question( OpenBSD 2.9 -> NetBSD -current)
To: None <>
From: BOUWSMA Beery <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/06/2002 15:08:24
[IPv6-only mail address; remove the obvious in case of need to reply]

To followup to myself (slap me), I wrote:

[in re: NetBSD's `fsck' barfs on UFS filesystems that recent FreeBSD-current
 has mounted, due to additions by the latter to the superblock]

> I looked at my source tree for NetBSD-current's fsck and didn't
> see any obvious changes.  If I'm not mistaken, the change that
> needs to be made, which limits the superblock/alternate-superblock
> comparison to only the fields that shouldn't differ, is the FreeBSD
> MFC 1.30 to src/sbin/fsck/setup.c in 2002/06/24, which
> diff should be relatively easy to munge into the NetBSD
> src/sbin/fsck_ffs/setup.c -- so that one doesn't need to invoke

> (I might try shoehorning this patch in myself, but it'll be a

I did manage to hack fsck_ffs/setup.c based on the above diff,
in an ugly, brute-force, and probably totally-wrong attempt to
quiet `fsck' and let me mount the questionable filesystems.
And it seems to have worked, no less, so clearly it's wrong.

If there's interest, and someone wants to review my hack and
use it as the basis for a proper patch, I'll happily mail my
diff to anyone who cares (drop the `ipv6.' from my address
unless you have that capability with mail, of course)

barry bouwsma