Subject: Re: IEEE1394 (firewire) vs USB2
To: NetBSD Current Users <>
From: Kevin Sullivan <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/03/2002 13:04:40
So it sounds like neither USB2 nor firewire external disks work with 1.6,
right?  I haven't seen any replies which seemed sure one way or the other.

To reply to some of the replies:

Yes, SCSI is far too expensive these days, especially since it is usually
the same physical disks as IDE but with different electronics on the disk.
If I were building a high-end system I'd look at SCSI or fiberchannel, but
right now I'm looking for a disk to house my online photo album which will
be served out my 384Kbps home DSL link.

I could just get an IDE disk (actually I plan to, to put in the USB2 or
Firewire enclosure), but most machines only have 2 IDE controllers and I'll
only run one disk per IDE channel.  To move an IDE disk between my i386
server, my laptop, and my iMac would involve a reboot, a screwdriver, and
~10 minutes of fumbling around inside of a machine.  No, wait, I'd never
have a chance of putting an extra IDE disk in my laptop or my iMac!  I'm
looking for something that can be easily moved around as needed.  "Real
hardware (and software) doesn't need to reboot."

So I want external disks because they are more flexible; they can be moved
around as needed between machines and architectures without rebooting or

What I'd love would be an enclosure which takes some number of IDE disks,
does some combo of RAID 0-5, and presents them to the computer as a single
SCSI disk (or even firewire or USB2).  And is inexpensive.  All of the
external RAID enclosures I've seen have been incredibly expensive, and I
cannot spend $1000+ on this hobby.  Has anyone seen one for less than $400?