Subject: Re: IEEE1394 (firewire) vs USB2
To: Chuck Yerkes <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: current-users
Date: 08/02/2002 18:11:54
On Fri, 2 Aug 2002, Chuck Yerkes wrote:

# Quoting Kevin Sullivan (
# > I would have gone with SCSI, but nowadays SCSI is very expensive and I
# > really don't need the performance for my home system.  So I'm comparing
# > firewire and USB2.
# SCSI performs better.  It costs more.

SCSI's additional components do not justify THAT much of a price
difference.  They charge that much more because They Can [TM].

# USB2 drives should work with USB1.  That's a plus.  Firewire
# is only 40MB/sec (slow SCSI).  USB2 is theoretically a little
# faster. Does having a USB1 device kick that down to "slow
# mode"?

Heh.  "Slow SCSI".  40 is not all that slow -- consider the poor sots
who are stuck using 20 or 10.

# Perhaps you just want to get a large IDE drive and stick it
# inside your i386 box.  80 GB is around $110 on sale.  Put in
# in some enclosure later.

Make sure you have adequate cooling for your drive, and keep good backups.
Even 4GB of information is a non-trivial amount of data, let alon 80GB.

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