Subject: Re: Repeated panics on a Proliant 800 biproc with 1.6D kernel and 1.5.2 userland
To: None <,>
From: Xavier HUMBERT <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/24/2002 18:54:11
[tech-smp removed from XPost, since 2nd processor seems to be not
involved in any way]
I wrote :

> That's precisely what I'm actually performinG. So far no error (this box
> has 512 MB ECC Memory)

Well, a medium qujick test (1 hour) didn't show any error. I have
lainched a thorough test running this night.

But, I'm tracking the problem toi the SCSI controller, imho :

> Perhaps, I'll rather install a 1.6BETA, easier to upgrade to current?

Done it, see later
> Just a hint, which may think the problem is with SCSI controller (Compaq
> inboard UW-SCSI2) :
> 1.5.2 kernel reports a 20 Mb/s transfer rate, while 1.6D reports 40 Mb/s

Well, 1.6BETA reports 40 MB/s, too, and crashed in sysinst, while

I read from Andrew Doran <>, in article
<> :

> There's a load of changes between 1.5 and -current, including for the
> newer Compaq controllers
Just answering to someone which had opposite problem, though.

Am I right, thinking the SCSI driver should be involved in the problem ?
Does anybody run a Proliant800 ?

- this box has run for 4 years on L*nux, with medium/heavy load, without
a single crash, uptimes of more than a year.
- runs like a charm with 1.5.2, but reports SCSI 20 MB/s (didn't write
down Linux dmesg, though, so I dunno how Linux driver sees the Scuzzy
- constantly crashed under 1.6BETA or -current, with controller
reporting 40 MB/s
-one last thing : the 1.6D kernel I built elewhere didn't have Raid
compiled into.

Some disk-drivers gurus can confirm/infirm ?

Obviously I *do not* want install Linusk again on this box, even not
FreeBSD (not challenging enough, SMP is out of the box ;-)

I want my NetBSD ...