Subject: Re: Reboot instead of powerdown
To: Manuel Bouyer <>
From: Julio Merino <>
List: current-users
Date: 07/04/2002 12:56:40
On Wed, 3 Jul 2002 20:56:45 +0200
"Manuel Bouyer" <> wrote:

> > It is strange. I have not seen any error message before the reboot... I
> > close the monitor before the computer shutdowns, so maybe I'll have to
> > wait until this happens to see any warning message (if it apperes)...
> Yes, you should. I've seen this when the system panics at shutdown time.

It happened again yesterday, and I kept the monitor open. No panic.
The system just prints a message as always (I think), something like:

APM state: unknown device 0x????

where 0x???? is some number I don't know. It disapperes to fast to copy
it. When it really powers down, the message also apperes. Maybe I can
enter the kdb before it reboots/power down to see what it says...


HispaBSD admin -
Julio Merino <>