Subject: compat-1.5 for the 1.6 space
To: <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/28/2002 10:24:54
Is there a source of pkgsrc/compat-15?

openoffice is linked against stuff like libstdc++ which has had either one
or two version bumps in the .so.<x> numbering space, which strongly suggests
ABI changes.

Sorry if this is port-i386 specific. I was worried it might be ports-wide.

If there is a well known fudge via network sources of 1.5 state, I'll go there!


[I'm back on NetBSD after a 5 year hiatus in FreeBSDland. wonderful to
 be back home! So far, 24hrs into an installation, its been a dream
 run. I'd echo Steve Bellovin's comments that it seems sluggish for
 interactive use, certainly compared to FreeBSD the jobmix seems not
 so nice for a laptop. Maybe its the disk i/o thing. Otherwise, its
 a really nice BSD, and once I stop freaking about the differences
 (mainly /usr/ports/ to /usr/pkgsrc/) I think I'll stay here. -ggm]

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