Subject: Re: Curious SYNOPSIS in signal(3)
To: Eric Jacoboni <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/26/2002 11:20:02
[ On , June 26, 2002 at 09:11:06 (+0200), Eric Jacoboni wrote: ]
> Subject: Re: Curious SYNOPSIS in signal(3)
> >>>>> "Greywolf" == Greywolf  <> writes:
> Greywolf> # it could be nice to add it in the synopsis as an
> Greywolf> alternative for the # basic syntax.
> Greywolf> How is typedef'ing it clearer than inlining it?
> Trust me: for some people, it is. I teach system programmation and i
> see every year that students prefer this notation.

Be careful that you understand why they prefer the typedef'ed notation.
I suspect it is only because it's easier to read and easier to type.  I
doubt they have a deeper understanding -- indeed I'll bet they have a
much more superficial understanding.  Any of your students who's not
learned to use either notation equally proficiently will likely fail any
C interview test I'd give them because I'll trick them with typedef
names they don't know and then turn around and require them to write
declarations for functions returning a pointer to a function that
doesn't give them enough memory clues to remember the signal()
declaration and to simply regurgitate it by rote.

I just realised though that the prototype declaration given in the
manual page is wrong (yesterday when I looked at it I just though that
maybe ANSI/ISO syntax was worse than I  had thought, but now when I look
at the actual headers I discover the correct declaration isn't quite so
stupid looking:

	void (*signal(int signo, void (*func)(int)))(int);

(The semicolon statement terminator appearing before the actual end of
the statment had me really worried there for a little while, and it's
almost the pathalogical case for such a declaration so I had to look it
up myself!)

Now to see if mdoc(7) will allow an easy fix to the mess in signal(3)...

This is the best hack I can do, so I'll send-pr it:

.\" we can not write decls using function pointers with .Fn yet
.Ft void
.Ic ( *signal (
.Ft int
.Fa signo ,
.Ft void
.Pq Fa *func
.Vt int
.No ))
.Vt int
.No ;

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