Subject: NetBSD vs PPPOE
To: None <>
From: Robert Schaefer <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/25/2002 07:13:12
The folks DSL line is scheduled to be provisioned this week, and it turns
out to be a PPPOE line, so I'll need to stick a DHCP server on it.  It looks
like there's a kernel land pppoe in -current.  Any one using this care to
make a recommendation?  I don't really want to run -current on this box, but
I will if I have to.  Oh-- probably an old i386.  I do have a shipment of
sun4 boxen on the way.  I'd rather go with non-i386, but they might not get
here for a few weeks yet, and I want to get this up Real Soon Now.