Subject: Re: Ogle strangely not working?
To: None <>
From: Peter Seebach <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/16/2002 19:01:20
In message <>, Peter Seebach writes
>Has anyone got the pkgsrc ogle running nicely?  I used to have ogle running,
>but I rebuilt from pkgsrc recently, and now it says "encrypted DVD support
>unavailable", which is odd, because it used to work fine.  It then displays a
>blue screen, or just aborts.

Hmm.  My first problem was that libdvdcss was way out of date.  But... still,
no audio, and always a blue screen.  This is on a laptop which played movies
just fine a few months back.  *sigh*.  Savage IX, not the world's best
chipset, but I *know* it can play video.