Subject: LFS -> 1.6 kernel failure.
To: None <>
From: Chris Tribo <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/13/2002 14:57:48
	Hi, I have a 1.5ZC userland, freshly compiled 1.6A kernel from
yesterdays sources. Rebooted into the new kernel, and started ./
-D /u/dest -R /u/release. an hour or two into the build the machine
started scrolling LFS errors and paniced with:

panic: getblk: block size invariant failed
Stopped in pid 105 (lfs_cleanerd) at     cpu_Debugger+0x4:        leave

messages proceeding this look like:
lfs_cleanerd[105]: bi_daddr = 0x1190891 = 66048b; 0x8362580 - 0x8352000 =
lfs_cleanerd[105]: seg 8993 (0x1190810), ino 20296 lbn -1, 0x1190891 !=
lfs_markv: 8192 > 1024 (fixed)
(repeated 5 more times)
(pages of messages like above. and then a panic.)

cpu_Debugger(c58c2d88,0,0,c0180bdb,d37dbdd4) at cpu_Debugger+0x4
panic(c027b7e0,fffffff4,d37bde0,0,fffffff4) at panic+0xad
getblk(d39dc9a8,fffffff4,2000,0,0) at getblk+0xe0
ufs_bmaparray(d39dc9a8,c,c09382e8,9,d37dbbc) at ufs_bmaparray+0x1d7
ufs_bmap ...
lfs_bmapv ...
sys_lfs_bmapv ...
syscall_plain(1f,805001f,1f,bfbf001f,0) at syscall_plain+0xa7

	Since I couldn't get a core, I guess my question is, have there
been any changes to LFS between 1.5ZC and 1.6A that would require me to
newfs my filesystem or upgrade the cleaner as soon as I boot into a new
kernel? I remember someone saying that you should run an fschk on the LFS
partitions after upgradeing the cleaner not too long ago...