Subject: broken Promises?
To: None <>
From: Rasputin <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/13/2002 11:55:15
Ack! I just lost my current system.

After getting a couple of 'lost interrupt' errors while running vmware
(maybe not related, but it's been fine for about a month),
I decided to reboot and see if that cleared them.

/usr had differing superblocks (1st and 2nd didn't match),
chose the second as authoratative,
and got a shedload of errors (load of broken inodes i.e. thousands)

The drive was a 40Gb Western Digital (Caviar I think), controller
was a Promise ATA100 TX2 - I'm only writing this because I still
had a 20Gb maxtor on the seocndary Promise controller which held
1.5.2 from last month (good job I didn't format and reuse it).

I just bumping that up to current so I can see the Promise from it,
may then be able to retreive /home and /var  - failing that I have
a fortnight old backup of them so it's not terminal.

What have I done wrong? Is the Promise driver shaky, or are there
any caveats I should haveknown about?

Please reply to list as I've closed off port 25
(don't want to get new mail in if I'm going to overwrite /home and /var)

Saw a few messages about this controller via Google, thought I'd
best report it - the card, drive and ATA100 cable are all new.


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