Subject: Re: "Inconsistency between crypto.h and cryptlib.c"
To: Ben Harris <>
From: Greywolf <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/12/2002 12:29:03
# Hmm.  Have you got lib/libcrypto/Makefile rev. 1.17?  1.16 pulled in headers
# from /usr/include rather than ${DESTDIR}/usr/include, which killed builds
# badly on Linux, and might have led to your symptoms as well.

Why didn't 'cvs update -d -P .' from /usr/src pick that up yesterday?
I had to run manually in lib/libcrypto.

But, yes, that worked, at least with 'nbmake-i386' from lib/libcrypto.
I'm now cleaning and running with to make sure.  Thanks!

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