Subject: Re: problem with over IPv6?
To: NetBSD current-users <>
From: BOUWSMA Beery <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/12/2002 01:36:51
References <>
Organization: Men not wearing any pants that dont shave

[This is an IPv6-only e-mail address, if you have any need to
 respond to this and send me a copy but do not have IPv6-
 capability, strip out the obvious part of the address, but I
 follow the list archives so no need to mail me]

> Does 'ftp' work for you if you are using IPv6

Works here...

bash-2.05a$ ftp
Connected to
220 FTP server (NetBSD-ftpd 20020201) ready.
Name ( ftp
331 Guest login ok, type your name as password.
[snippity doo-dah]

bash-2.05a$ netstat -a | grep ftp
tcp6       0      0  www.NetScum.dynd.1081    ESTABLISHED
tcp6       0      0  2002:50da:10b4::.1084  3ffe:8050:201:18.20    LAST_ACK
tcp6       0      0  2002:50da:10b4::.1082  3ffe:8050:201:18.21    FIN_WAIT_1

This is under FreeBSD, what I'm booted into at the moment.  It
was kinda dog-slow getting the `331 Guest login' prompt, but it
did come after a dozen or so seconds, so it does seem to be there.

This is over a stf interface.  I have had some problems at times
with certain sites ( with `lynx' where I need
to interrupt the transfer to make it happen, that I haven't needed
to do with other sites, but after waiting some minutes, this is
not the case for -- just seems slow now.

Hope that's useful...

barry bouwsma