Subject: NetBSD 1.6 Beta SPARC port problems
To: , <>
From: Olev Hannula <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/11/2002 15:00:30
The latest current snapshot of 06.06 has many installation related
problems. The first thing seems to bet that the installation disks are
somehow misconfigured, everything seems to be fine with disk1, but in
the middle of disk2 it tells, that it has run aout of md space ? I am
sure that it cannot be a problem with my system memory because my IPC
has 24 MB of RAM. The second problem is with the miniroot.fs (I have 2
scsi disks so thers hould theoretically be no problem, i have that
miniroot on sd1 and i want to install on sd0 and yes i have checked
those strange SCSI numbering things that my sparc has). Ok it boots up,
everything is fine (i like this new menu driven installation) but then
after modifying the fs of sd0 (after disklabel and newfs has rsd0a made)
it says "sysinst: execvp /usr/mdec/binstall: Premission denied" and then
Press any key continue and starts the installation from the begging, so
it is a closed circle :). Anyone has had this problem? My machine specs
And one more question, why is the sparc port last to get snapshots-?
Every other system has recent snapshots than sparc.