Subject: Re: quick question
To: Thomas Miller <>
From: Martin Husemann <>
List: current-users
Date: 06/07/2002 00:39:00
> (I thought they both did essentially the same thing. . . .)  Does it
> make any difference which is run first?  Why?

Some may call me careless, but on machines I update via source compiled
on themself I do:

 - depending on age of the running system: -o -t (skip thist step
   if the tools are there and not too old)
 - build a kernel
 - boot the kernel
 - -o

The last step will end with a run of "postinstall check", if that notes any
errors or differences, I'll add

 - run "etc/postinstall fix"
 - run "etc/postinstall check"

and repeat (with possible manual interactions) until there are no more errors.

This works pretty good for me, I even used this method on a production server
running (until then) 1.5.3_xxx - it was the smoothest update from one release
to the next I've ever seen! Thanks for postinstall, it rocks!