Subject: Re: Migration question( OpenBSD 2.9 -> NetBSD -current)
To: Milos Urbanek <>
From: Piotr Stolc <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/03/2002 14:17:00
On Wed, May 01, 2002 at 11:26:02PM +0200, Milos Urbanek wrote:
> My experience is that although NetBSD and OpenBSD use ffs fs, there are
> some subtle differences that cause the NetBSD not to be able to mount ffs
> partitions created under OpenBSD.
> More specifically, under NetBSD current (e.g. 1.5ZC) you can mount
> ffs partition from OpenBSD 3.0, but when you do a 'ls' or another
> fs operation on it you will get an EBADF error if I'm correct.

A few days ago I was moving one machine from OpenBSD 2.9 to NetBSD 1.5.3_RC1.
NetBSD had problems reading OpenBSD's disklabel, so I decided to backup on
that OpenBSD box. I've created one big FFS on another disk without disklabel
and I NetBSD read it without any problem.


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