Subject: Re: IBM SCSI drives
To: Bob Nestor <>
From: Rafal Boni <>
List: current-users
Date: 05/02/2002 04:48:39
In message <>, you write: 

-> Is anyone successfully using an IBM DCHS-04F or DGHS-04Z SCSI disk on 
-> their NetBSD system?  The DCHS-04F is also known as the DCHS-34550 or 
-> Ultrastar-2XP.  The DGHS-04Z is also known as the Ultrastar-4LP with 
-> variations of -04U, -04X, -04Y, -04V, or -04D.

I believe I have one or two of these in my Indigo2, which IRIX or NetBSD,
depending on the day... IIRC, I have the DCHS-4F.  I think my R8k Indigo2
may have gotten another one of these, or I may have one floating around
as a spare...

-> I pickup up a couple of these disks recently but can't get them to work 
-> correctly.  After poking around I found that they have been configured 
-> with some non-standard Mode Page defaults including a block size of 514 
-> bytes.  I've gotten the "scsi" command from FreeBSD/OpenBSD working on 
-> NetBSD and can update the Mode Pages but I can't find the right values 
-> to use.  I've searched all over the IBM Web pages and it appears that 
-> these parameters are managed by the VAR/OEM utility called DDD-Si which 
-> appears to have the drive tables embedded in the program.

I can't recall if mine had 514 or 520 byte sectors when I got them, but
they were something non-standard.... Since I didn't have a NetBSD disk
on the machine at the time, I used the IRIX `fx' tool to fix the formats.

If you have sources for the SCSI tool, I can see if the Indigo2 still
powers up (I've since got a much nicer and quieter Challenge S 8-)
and if I can get the mode page definitions for you.  Please send me
pointers/sources off-list to keep the S/N from dropping even lower 
than normal 8-)


Rafal Boni                                           
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