Subject: IBM SCSI drives
To: current-users <>
From: Bob Nestor <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/28/2002 19:14:15
Is anyone successfully using an IBM DCHS-04F or DGHS-04Z SCSI disk on 
their NetBSD system?  The DCHS-04F is also known as the DCHS-34550 or 
Ultrastar-2XP.  The DGHS-04Z is also known as the Ultrastar-4LP with 
variations of -04U, -04X, -04Y, -04V, or -04D.

I pickup up a couple of these disks recently but can't get them to work 
correctly.  After poking around I found that they have been configured 
with some non-standard Mode Page defaults including a block size of 514 
bytes.  I've gotten the "scsi" command from FreeBSD/OpenBSD working on 
NetBSD and can update the Mode Pages but I can't find the right values 
to use.  I've searched all over the IBM Web pages and it appears that 
these parameters are managed by the VAR/OEM utility called DDD-Si which 
appears to have the drive tables embedded in the program.

So if anyone has one or both of these drives properly configured I'd 
like them to run the "scsi" command on the drive and tell me what the 
Mode Page parameters are.  I can provide a copy of "scsi" that runs on 
NetBSD/i386.  Unfortunately it doesn't run on other ports which don't 
implement the SCSI IOCTLs like mac68k.