Subject: Re: Odd LFS problems in syslog
To: Sean Davis <>
From: Allen Briggs <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/25/2002 21:16:26
On Thu, Apr 25, 2002 at 06:59:04PM -0400, Sean Davis wrote:
> Apr 25 18:52:22 eros lfs_cleanerd[29507]: add_segment: lfs_segmapv failed
> for segment 12
> Apr 25 18:52:22 eros lfs_cleanerd[29507]: add_segment failed segment 12:
> Cannot allocate memory
> I only pasted six lines of it there, but it goes on for a while.

When I saw this on a large partition, the system was basically unusable
while it ran this, and it never seemed to finish this.  Eventually,
lfs_cleanerd's process size grew to be the size of RAM and the system
kept up a solid 20MB/s of disk transfers to that disk for a number of
hours.  I ended up pulling data from there (slowly) and using ffs since
I needed to actually get work done...  I keep meaning to go in search
of a good reason for that behavior, though.


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