Subject: Re: x11-links
To: None <>
From: Ari Lukkarinen <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/23/2002 09:45:38
>> ====> Configuring ......
>> => Linking X11 .....
>> /cvs/pkgsrc/pkgtools/x11-links/work/.buildlink/include/DPS/ColorSB.h: not 
>> found *** Error code 127

> Hi,
> do you have /usr/X11R6/include/DPS/ColorSB.h on your system?

  Yes it exists, but the link 
  x11-links/work/.buildlink/include/DPS/ColorSB.h is not created 
  during 'make'. When the links and directories are created
  /usr/bin/dirname is needed. I  suppose that somewhere an 
  environment variable DIRNAME (==/usr/bin/dirname) should be set, 
  because if I define it before 'make' no errors can be seen.

Ari Lukkarinen