Subject: Mixing NetBSD and Linux shared libs
To: None <>
From: Paulo Alexandre Pinto Pires <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/18/2002 01:36:41
Hello, all.

Maybe my question will sound too newbie, but is it possible to
dynamically link native NetBSD shared libraries to a Linux application
running under emulation without problems?

The question comes from my need to develop some JNI code to interface
with Java SDK 1.3.1.  At my job, where everything is Linux, there's no
problem, but at home I run NetBSD and we got Java as a Linux binary only
(my first attempts at compiling Java SDK 1.3.1 with the patchset from
Eyesbeyond were not very successful).

Surprisingly (to me, at least), the JNI examples from Sun's
documentation worked fine with NetBSD native shared libs (since I don't
have Linux development tools handy at home), even though the JVM is a
Linux program.  Can I expect more complex shared objects to also work?

Running ktrace on the JVM did not show any emulation switch from Linux
to NetBSD, so I wonder if I simply was fortunate enough to have syscall
number coincidences.

What about the other way around, that is having NetBSD dynamically link
Linux object files?  We'd then be able, for example, to use Linux Java
1.3.1 plugin for Netscape 6 under a native Mozilla.


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