Subject: Re: i386/isa/npx.c cannot be compiled
To: None <>
From: Katsuhisa ABE <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/13/2002 12:27:11
salo> > So would you give me any advice? 
salo> yes, read /usr/src/UPDATING.
  Oh, I didn't read /usr/src/UPDATING carefully.
UPDATING and /usr/src/BUILDING are full of important information.

  I can build NetBSD-current successfully, (I think).
  So I summarieze the notes to update NetBSD-current(i386) from 1.5.3, 

 (1) (i386 only) 
   comment out "options I686_CPU" temporarily.
   Add the following user,
     named:*:14:14::0:0:Named pseudo-user:/var/named:/sbin/nologin
     ntpd:*:15:15::0:0:Ntpd pseudo-user:/var/chroot/ntpd:/sbin/nologin
  and group.
  (3) Use /usr/src/
From /usr/src/BUILDING

     Makefile       The main Makefile for NetBSD; should only be run for na-
                    tive builds with an appropriately up-to-date version of
                    NetBSD make(1).  (For building from out-of-date systems or
                    on a non-native host, see the shell script.)
(snip)       Bourne-compatible shell script used for building the host
                    build tools and the NetBSD system from scratch.  Can be
                    used for both native and cross builds, and should be used
                    instead of make(1) for any source tree that is updated and
                    recompiled regularly.

  Thanks, Lubomir and itojun.

-- Katsuhisa ABE <>