Subject: Re: something wrong with again....
To: None <>
From: BOUWSMA Beery <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/12/2002 23:12:12
%s wrote on %.3s, %lld Sep 1993

> My e-mails to Barry usually bounce, and I seem to recall that the
> current-users@ list doesn't accept mail from non-subscribers.

Not to worry, I'm a non-subscriber too, and both our messages are
there (read from a friendly mailinglist->news gateway)

> > -locks; strict;
> > +locks  mycroft:; strict;

> Yes, CVSup's RCS file editing code doesn't bother to deal with RCS
> locks.  That's because files in CVS repositories aren't ever supposed
> to have RCS locks set in them.  You should ask your CVS administrator
> to get rid of those locks.

Thanks.  For the record, I've been using the undocumented `-x' option
to `cvsup' to calculate checksums on the files, rather than relying
on the file attributes (last modified date) stored in the checkouts
list file, which worked well to identify and correct the corruption
that occurred early Feb, which is why the mismatch for these files
(and the transfer that followed) was needed.


> > Server warning: Cannot open "/home/cvsup/cvsup/prefixes/NetBSD-cvs/syssrc/sys/de
> > v/qbus/dz.c,v": No such file or directory
> > 
> > But I have a copy of this file that looks like
> > 46546 Feb  6 22:51 (CET)

> The warning is saying that the _server_ doesn't have the file.  About
> the only way this can happen is if the mirror site is fetching its
> own updates using the "cvsup" command's "-s" option, and then the
> file disappeared by some other means.  E.g., somebody deleted it.  To

Right.  I have a copy somehow (looks like the time of the `rsync'
corruption in the NetBSD CVS repository mirrors), but none of the
sites I've synced against have this file now.

The methods used by the mirrors I'm probing are `rsync' or `sup',
so this file probably has gone astray in that process (cvsup is not
an officially supported means of distributing repositories at the
present time, so those sites which do offer it are getting their
own copies by some other means -- while cvsup seems to be working
well as a spellchecker or something the way I've been using it)

This file also has (in my copy) the bogus `strict  ;' line too,
but in spite of the date, I see no obvious Bad Things that might
have happened from `rsync'.  Someone with actual access to the
mirrors or the master sites would need to see where it went, I

> > Server warning: RCS file error in "/usr/local/etc/cvsup/prefixes/NetBSD.cvs/htdo
> > cs/contrib/donations.list,v": Invalid next delta 1.54 for delta 1.46

> Hmm, this sounds like bad RCS files too.  If you'll send me one of
> them I'll take a look at it.

Hey, it's missing from the cvsweb mirror I would have pointed you
so instead try  ....
(or whatever FTP site is closest)

I don't see anything obviously wrong in that FTP copy, and the
copy I have doesn't have anything clearly wrong to my untrained
eyes, so...

Thanks for your comments!

barry bouwsma