Subject: Re: something wrong with again....
To: BOUWSMA Beery <>
From: John Polstra <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/12/2002 13:16:44
My e-mails to Barry usually bounce, and I seem to recall that the
current-users@ list doesn't accept mail from non-subscribers.
So, Manuel, if you could please foward this to the right people I'd
appreciate it.

BOUWSMA Beery wrote:
> There was one actual corrupted file on two sites, which has
> since been corrected.  The ``corrupted'' files aren't damaged
> per se, but contain apparent minor problems that prevent them
> from being handled as efficiently as they could be (for example,
> the entire file needs to be transferred)...
> Most of these are due to a diff like this:
> --- /mnt/cvsup/NetBSD.cvs/basesrc/libexec/cron/#cvs.cvsup-342.18774     Fri Apr
> 12 10:18:10 2002
> +++ /mnt/cvsup/NetBSD.cvs/basesrc/libexec/cron/Attic/INSTALL,v  Thu Nov  4 21:42
>:50 1999
> @@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
>         cron3pre10:
>         cron3pre9:
>         vixie:1.1.1;
> -locks; strict;
> +locks  mycroft:; strict;
>  comment        @# @;

Yes, CVSup's RCS file editing code doesn't bother to deal with RCS
locks.  That's because files in CVS repositories aren't ever supposed
to have RCS locks set in them.  You should ask your CVS administrator
to get rid of those locks.

> Those are probably trivial fixes, if they are fixes needed
> at all.  The following files are not recognized as normal RCS
> files, and so, `cvsup' falls back to the `rsync' algorithm.
>    SetAttrs syssrc/sys/dev/qbus/dhureg.h,v
> *  Rsync syssrc/sys/dev/qbus/dl.c,v
> *  Rsync syssrc/sys/dev/qbus/dz_uba.c,v
> *  Rsync syssrc/sys/dev/qbus/uba.c,v
> *  Rsync syssrc/sys/dev/qbus/ubareg.h,v
> A quick look at these files suggests they aren't recognized as
> RCS files because of something like
>|   locks; strict;
>|   comment @ * @;
> ->  strict  ;
>|   1.59

Strange.  That stand-alone "strict ;" line is not valid in an RCS
file, to the best of my knowledge.  See RCSFILE(5) in the man pages.
I think these RCS files are bad, and that you should get rid of that
line as well as the blank line that precedes it.

> In the area of these files, I also get a
> server error from all of the mirrors I'm trying to pull off of:
> Server warning: Cannot open "/home/cvsup/cvsup/prefixes/NetBSD-cvs/syssrc/sys/de
> v/qbus/dz.c,v": No such file or directory
> But I have a copy of this file that looks like
> 46546 Feb  6 22:51 (CET)

The warning is saying that the _server_ doesn't have the file.  About
the only way this can happen is if the mirror site is fetching its
own updates using the "cvsup" command's "-s" option, and then the
file disappeared by some other means.  E.g., somebody deleted it.  To
fix it, have your mirrors do an update without the "-s" option to get
everything back in sync.  Also read the warning in CVSUP(1) about
that option.

> I also seem to get the following messages from certain mirrors,
> but not others, as not all of them carry the `htdocs' collection:
> Server warning: RCS file error in "/usr/local/etc/cvsup/prefixes/NetBSD.cvs/htdo
> cs/contrib/donations.html,v": Invalid next delta 1.57 for delta 1.49
> Server warning: RCS file error in "/usr/local/etc/cvsup/prefixes/NetBSD.cvs/htdo
> cs/contrib/donations.list,v": Invalid next delta 1.54 for delta 1.46

Hmm, this sounds like bad RCS files too.  If you'll send me one of
them I'll take a look at it.